Esterhazy based computer and electronics repair

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About Southbridge Computers

Marcel Dorma, 1999

Southbridge Computers is owned by long-time computer and electronics hobbyist, Marcel Dorma.

Born in '91 with I've been working with computers and computer hardware since I was around 8 years old thanks to the influence of computer oriented family members and relatives. I've worked my way from DOS days all the way up to the latest operating systems and have encountered and found solutions to endless hardware and software related problems along the way. Computers have become an order of magnitude more user friendly since I first began working with them, but they still require a certain level of knowledge to troubleshoot and maintain. Eventually computers paved way for a desire to learn more about the inner workings, which led me to studying the theory behind electronic components and circuits, which eventually turned into electronics design and repair. My goal with Southbridge Computers is to offer my technical experience and knowledge of computers, networking and electronic devices at a fair cost to whoever may need it.

Since starting this business in 2014 I have diagnosed and repaired hundreds of phones, tablets, computers and electronic devices. Everything from simple AM radios to precision industrial measuring devices (DRO's) to large 32 channel audio mixers and more.